MANCH235TER: Signage Programme

Entertainment venue Manchester235 wanted directional and way-finding signage to create awareness of its location due to the site’s distance from the main shopping district. The idea was to use the circular pattern from the Manchester235 logo as a background that decreased in size the closer you got to the site. In addition to this, we used a time element of how close you were to the Casino 2 minutes down to 30 seconds away on a bridge near the casino.

A ‘Topaz’ promotion was advertised on the frontage and the circular pattern was used again on the inside with the promotion of the ‘M235 Experience’, a package for sampling the casino within the venue. An innovation was to create ‘reverse graffiti’ using stencils and high pressure water hoses to ‘clean’ directional signage, logos and information onto the pavement surface.

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